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The Importance of Integrated Real Estate Software

As the real estate industry undergoes a seismic shift, Symplete is on a mission to revolutionize the way agents do business. With a staggering 85%-90% of agents failing within the first 5 years, we’re determined to help them streamline their operations, boost efficiency, and ultimately improve their working lives. 

We empower agents to achieve success in their marketing, sales, and operations with our innovative, intelligent platform. By streamlining their day-to-day work, we enable them to rapidly advance their business and reach new levels of success.

Tools of the trade 

Real estate agents are true multitaskers, constantly juggling a never-ending stream of tasks and responsibilities. From managing social media posts, actioning last minute documents, following up with leads and rushing around deadlines, these professionals have to project manage their entire business, and often alone. 

Day-to-day tasks can be tedious and time-consuming, but many agents face the added challenge of constantly switching between multiple systems and windows to get everything done. In fact, managing all aspects of their business requires the use of up to 13 different tools. Talk about a daunting task!

As a top-performing agent hustles through their day, they rely on a curated selection of systems to keep their business humming. From CRM tools to automation software, each system plays its part in helping the agent stay organized and focused on growth. It’s not surprising that agents earning $100,000 or more in gross commission income are more than twice as likely to use advanced technology tools like a CRM than agents who earn less. 

However, each system comes at a price. Here are but a few of those examples: 

  1. Hubspot (social media marketing) – $225/m 
  2. Aircall (phone dialer system) – $26/m
  3. Showing Times (showing management) – $150/m 
  4. DotLoop (transaction management) – $32/m
  5. SmartZip (lead generation) – $400/m 
  6. Cloze (CRM) – $75/m 
  7. MailChimp (email marketing) – $20/m 
  8. DocuSign (offer management) – $25/m
  9. Calendly (scheduling) – $12/m 
  10. WordPress (website CMS) – $25/m 
  11. HelloSign (document signing) – $25/m
  12. MLS (listing management) – $400 
  13. Gmail (email) – $12/m

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg but are all systems that are used by top performing real estate agents every day as each serves a critical role in how they promote, sell and operate their business.

But there’s a catch – investing in these services could cost you around $900/month! This is one of the reasons why most agents are not using these systems knowing they could greatly benefit from them. They are expensive, take a long time to set up and the learning curve is often steep, leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked. 

Enter the simple, smarter solution

Knowing what we laid out above, we set out to find and then build a better solution. 

Symplete is the simple, smart way to manage your entire business in a single platform! It’s a system to optimize and streamline your operations, saving you time and money.

We wanted our agents to have a single system that can guide them through every step of the “agent journey” – from capturing leads and managing them in your CRM, to finally cashing that commission check. With Symplete, everything you need is just a login away.

Your agent journey, and how it ties into the features offered within Symplete, can be seen with the following ‘day-in-the-life’ workflow: 

  • Log in to Symplete to effortlessly import the latest MLS listings into your app.
  • Stay on top of your emails, leads, and schedule with Symplete’s advanced prioritization algorithms.
  • Use the in-app dialer to connect with new leads and avoid missed opportunities.
  • Easily promote your listings on social media, email, and your website with just a few clicks.
  • Streamline your entire business and keep every transaction running seamlessly within the app.


Don’t wait. Your success depends on it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join us in our quest to redefine the future of real estate. As a real estate agent, you know that your success depends on how effectively you run your business. 

Sign up for a free Symplete trial today and start taking the first steps towards success. It’s quick and easy, and best of all, there’s no need for a credit card. 

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